Tomato Grown from Seed Exchange

Have you attended the Washington Gardener Magazine Seed Exchanges? We are looking for photos of anything you have grown from seeds you got at the past swaps. If you have any pictures to share, drop me a note at washingtongardener (at)

This green tomato photo was submitted by someone who grew it from seed packs stuffed in the Seed Exchange goody bags this year. I saw these plants in person and they are big, lush, healthy, and full of fruits. That is inspiring to me as everyone always says tomato plants aren't "worth" growing from seed and to just buy the started seedling plants. With this year's local late blight warnings in mind and the suspicion that all the infected plants came from one plant nursery who supplies big-box stores, you have even more reason to grow your own and to start from seeds!

BTW I have a BIG announcement concerning the upcoming January 30, 2010 Seed Exchange. We will once again be at Brookside Gardens in Wheaton, MD that day. BUT... we will also be at Green Spring Gardens in Fairfax, VA. That is right, two simultaneous exchanges and a shorter commute for many. If the event keeps growing (groan) as it has, we may soon add a third in DC proper.


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