10 Reasons Crocs Rule & Flip Flops are for Fools

This post has been lurking in my head for about a year now. 'Bout time I typed it into Blogger and posted it.

10 Reasons Crocs Rule & Flip Flops are for Fools

1. Ugly Shoes vs Ugly Feet - which would you rather see? Me? I'd MUCH rather look at ugly shoes. Sorry folks, but there are just too many people with fugly, cruddy feet and toes/nails out there - cover up those puppies!

2. Crocs are antimicrobial while flip flops are just stank

3. Crocs are quality and are made to last while flip flops fall apart and shred on you mid-walk through the grocery store

4. Crocs don't cause disfiguring chemical burns and rashes like this one

5. You can wear Crocs in all seasons and with socks, wearing flip flops on days below 60 degrees and you look like an escaped mental patient.

6. Crocs are good for your feet (ask any podiatrist) while flip flops "lead to joint pain, shin splints and twisted ankles... Figures show that 55,100 men and women went to hospital with flip flop-related complaints in 2002. " Read more here.

7. Crocs are just plain comfy and have no breaking in period - over and over you hear the Croc converts declare: "I, too, resisted crocs. Until I put a pair on my feet." Instant bliss. While some flip slops can be comfy, many rub the wrong way and create those painful between toe blisters and they certainly don't massage your feet for all day standing/walking jobs like waiting tables -- the ultimate test of comfort.

8. Crocs are easy to clean - just hose them off and they are like new - ideal for gardeners and those who are just generally rough on their shoes (i.e. kids). Flip Flops show wear and dirt immediately and you might as well just chuck 'em as they won't recover.

9. Crocs are quiet. Flip flops get their name (also known as "slaps") for their annoying-as-hell sound as you walk in them. 'Nuff said.

10. Crocs are so uncool that they are by definition now cool - why else would these famous cool people wear Crocs: Anthony Kiedis, Adam Sandler, Iron Chef Mario Batali, Matt Damon, Jennifer Garner, Steven Tyler, Terri Hatcher, Al Pacino, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Mario Lemieux, Kevin Sorbo, and Heidi Klum - among many others. Sure, you'll see some celebs in flip slops too - but are they rocking it like the ultimate in coolness Jack Nicholson in his bright blue crocs (in the south of France just last week no less!)?

And one bonus reason Crocs rule over flip flops just for my Jewish friends:
Crocs are the Orthodox-approved Yom Kippur shoe choice -- not leather, comfy, and modestly closed-toes.


lovesigner said…
I wouldn't mind wearing them all the time----except the last time I wore them to the club.....
Cyndy said…
crocs+socks=heaven. But they are funny looking so I just wear them around the house. Jack Nicholson was photographed wearing blue crocs last summer too. Maybe when I get to be his age I'll wear them around too. By then it will definitely be all about comfort.
FirePhrase said…
I will bow to your superior knowledge with the caveat that for people with narrow feet they are a health hazard. I wear 8.5 AA and tried a pair of Crocs on and couldn't make it 5 feet without nearly tanking in the shoe aisle. I'll stick to my flip flops with recourse to Chuck's in the winter. But I promise to try and not walk around with feet that look like a Skeski.
And yet, MORE news today to support my list: Flip-flop bacteria can kill you http://snurl.com/poezb

Firephrase - Skeksi and Hobbit feet are both to be avoided - not to mention Orc, Troll, or Ogre feet!

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