Trimming the Hedges

I think the new Schick® Quattro for Women® TrimStyle(tm) tv commercial has to be the most cringe-worthy that I've seen in a long time. Along with the "Have a Happy Period" campaign for Always, it clearly was created by a man. If you haven't caught it yet, the commercial shows young woman in action passing by unclipped shrubs, which are then magically transformed into well-trimmed shapes like inverted pyramids and landing strips. The implications clearly being that these particular shapes are which each women is sporting. Sure, the ad can't come out and show exactly what it is used for, but can we use something a bit less graphically representational? I'm imagining the proverbial guys at a construction site now making guesses amongst themselves about which topiary shape each passing gal is trimming her hedge in. Will any of us be able to view a topiary now and not have the thought of shearing pubic hair running through our heads? Thanks, Shick. View it here.

(This foxy topiary is fron the William Paca House & Garden in Annapolis in homage to the topiary fox hunt at nearby Ladew.)


Laura said…
I haven't seen that commercial yet; the worst one that I've seen is for Mountain Dew (I think) and portrays Abraham Lincoln acting like a professional wrestler- he rips his shirt off to reveal a tattoo across his chest and throws a chair at someone. Very poor taste.
FirePhrase said…
The one I'm freaked out by is the Quiznos commercial where the guy is talking to the oven. And I can't decide if the fact that it's 2 men (or a man and an oven with a distinctly masculine voice) make it more ooky or less. All I definitely know is that I do not want to hear the words "Stick it in me" on tv. Especially involving food service workers.
Laura & Fire - I just saw both those ads last niht and have to agree with both of your -- poor taste and definitely not inspiring me to buy the product. The fact that I ate that Quizno's new torpedo sandwich last week makes me ill. C'mon ad folks, can't we do better?
Anonymous said…
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