Similar Name, But No Relation

Just want to clarify this in writing so it is on the record, we are NO relation to any other publication. We are independent, woman-owned, and entirely local. We are not a franchise nor part of a magazine network.
In other words, the Washington Gardener that existed in the mid '80s ended 20 years before we began. We are aware they were around, but that is the extent of that.
Further, magazines with similar names, Virginia Gardener, Carolina Gardener, etc. are also not affiliated in any way with us. Many of these come from a company called State by State Gardening that is based in Louisiana. We are friends with many other regional garden publications such as Chicagoland Gardening and occasionally talk shop or send each other referrals, but that is the extent of the relationships at this point.
I state all this because the question comes up often enough at events we attend that I thought it needed addressing once and for all. Hope this clarifies things and answers any questions.


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