Philly Flower Show Goes Ga-Ga Over Greens

Everywhere I turned at the Philly Flower Shower were beds of salad greens and veggies. The show definitely has jumped on the edible garden bandwagon in a big way. I can't recall ever seeing ornamental gardens stuffed full of herbs, grapes, olive trees, and more. The "mangia, mangia" Italian influence was certainly in the house. There were vignettes of garden feasts in almost every display. It was more than that though, the florists and landscapers have really caught on that growing your own is a pleasure and can be attractive too.

"Green" also came in the form of eco-friendly green walls and gardening practices like rainbarrels at every downspout. Then there were all the greenroofs on sheds, birdhouses, and doghouses. But you don't want to hear me blather, you want to SEE the photos. I've posted a bunch at Flickr. And here are a few more posted here that Flickr wouldn't let me squeeze on. Apparently they have a monthly posting limit, who knew?

UPDATE: A Special Sweet Treat for our Washington Gardener blog readers going to the show this weekend -- see coupon posted below and note that it is only good for the first 100 who redeem it.


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