Latest Enews Issue Posted - Make New Plants from Softwood Cuttings

Apparently, our enewsletter host company has succumbed to the economy -- without warning or allowing me to retrieve our Enews subscriber list files. *sigh* So while I scramble to find a new host company, I've posted the latest Washington Gardener Enewsletter in a separate note to our yahoo discussion list, mailed it to our magazine subscriber emails that I have on file, and posted it to our web site in hopes of catching any current Enews subscribers. I'll post when we have set up a new host and we are ready again to recreate the Enews subscriber list.Meanwhile, feel free to forward the Enews issue link to any area gardener you think would be interested in reading it.

Vol. 5, No. 3 ~ March 15, 2009
In This Issue:

Propagate Plants from Softwood Cuttings
Magazine Excerpt: Spring Planting Guide
March To-Do List
Spotlight Special: Diva-rellas
Reader Contest: Go Green America Expo Passes
Top 10 Local Gardening Events
What's On the Blog

The issue is posted here for now until I find a new Ezine host service for us.


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