Gardeners Are The News

Thanks to Mrs. Obama and the advent of spring, gardening is making the front page and top stories this week. I was so pleased to see so many of my local gardening friends getting great exposure.

We have done profiles of Jon, Kevin, and Katie in the magazine as well as a before-after story of Liz's 7th Street Gardens (recently moved and renamed to Common Good City Farm). We had Jon's salad table project already slated fora n upcoming issue. I'm so happy to see them all get so much great good press!

Here are a few links:

~ Jon Traunfeld of MD HGIC on Martha today showing off his salad table project that we all got to preview back at our January meeting. If you missed the show today, that episode of Martha reruns on FLN at 7:00pm tomorrow night (Channel 217 on my RCN line-up).

~ Kevin Conrad of USNA-USDA talks about keeping chickens in an urban setting on WAMU archived and linked here. I've met Kevin's chickens and can attest that their eggs are yummy and they are all very well behaved. (Those are Kevin's chickens picture above and below. They are the "fancy kind" with fluffy hats on that lay nicely colored eggs. My Indiana farmer grandfather is giving me the stinkeye from his grave right now because I cannot identify the breed. I just know they love to nibble on honeysuckle blossoms and I want at least seven of them too!)
~ Liz Falk of Common Good City Farm, Ed Bruske of The Slow Cook, and Katie Rehwaldt of America The Beautiful Fund were on The Kojo Nnamdi Show yesterday talking about community gardens and urban gardening issues. It is archived here. Katie gave me a nice name-check and mentioned our web site's Community Garden Listings.

Speaking of which, I just updated the community garden listings again last night, though I still know they are far from complete. So if you know of a community garden in the greater DC area not listed there, please have the garden manager/supervisor give me a shout to get us the full details.


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