Front Row Seats at the Washington Home & Garden Show

We're in Booth #301 through Sunday at the Washington Home & Garden Show. Our booth is the front corner of the first row in the hall -- a great location -- made even better in that we face the wall of backyard vignettes sponsored by Ikea, Design Within Reach, LL Bean, etc. Here are a few pictures of those backyard party demonstrations as well as a couple of the winning landscape garden displays. I was a co-judge this morning and have to say McHale's Tuscan Villa blew us all away and visitors will not be disappointed. I think they took this year's Philadelphia Flower Show "Bella Italia" theme and did them one better. If you get by the WH&GShow this weekend, please stop by our booth and say "Hi."


FirePhrase said…
Keep your eye out for Michelle Obama. I saw the NY Times article that the White House is getting a vegetable garden. She may need some hints. I'd have a copy of Washington Gardener on hand for her, just in case.
Thanks, Fire. I have added Michelle to our mail list -- hoping she'll be a covergirl for us soon too.
Anonymous said…
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