Indoor Blooms to Brighten a SAD February Day

Today is one of those yucky, awful February days of freezing rain and cold breezes. You just want to curl up in bed and never get out. That was not an option for me, no matter how tempting it was to play hooky and give in to my severe SAD symptoms. A few things brightened my day today though, so I thought I'd share with those who may be similarly afflicted. Here are forsythia branches I forced, along with a daffodil I likewise brought into early bloom indoors, and finally my cat, Chantilly, posing with my blooming Amaryllis and a glittery praying mantis a friend gave me as a belated Christmas gift yesterday. (If the flash wasn't so bright, you could see better that Chantilly's green eyes match the mantis and the plant leaves perfectly.)


FirePhrase said…
The winter blahs suck. Sending you some sunshine and good vibes from the Big D.
Thanks, FP. I forgot to include the violets blooming away in my bedroom. Tomorrow I'll share some actual signs of spring -- whoo hoo!
Anonymous said…
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