Travel to Italy without the High Costs and Long Flight

I've been thinking about "staycations" lately and how much I really do enjoy sticking around home, kicking back, and maybe getting a few long postponed projects done like building that three-room birdhouse kit I have stashed in the utility closet. After all, I have no hotel bed is more comfortable or luxurious than my own. But everyone else in a while you do feel the wanderlust and need to get out and experience something fresh and new, that is where the daytrip comes in. We do a daytrip story in every issue of Washington Gardener Magazine and most everyone I've taken and vetted personally so I know they are worthwhile.

In addition, we occasionally host our own daytrips to area attractions. Something I want to expand on this year. First up this year is that we'll once again be going up to the Philadelphia Flower Show. The trip is organized by Cheval's Garden Tours and you can get the full details here. The theme of this year's event is Bella Italia and I was thinking that with this current economic climate that this is as close to Italy as I will get to for some time, so why not make the most of it? I'm going to treat this as my real European vacation this year. I'm going to bone up on my Italian phrases and while there dine on nothing but Italian treats. I'm not sure exactly how to "dress Italian" -- perhaps a Versace knock-off silk scarf will do. I also plan on listening to some Puccini to get in the mood. I hope you will consider joining us.


FirePhrase said…
Don't forget your giant Sophia Loren sunglasses to go with the scarf! And if Puccini proves too much for your lungs, I'd go with Dean Martin's On an Evening in Roma. I'm told it's not in the best Italian, but it's very catchy. "Como e bella ce la luna brille e strette"
Those dark glasses may not work long for me in the dim exhibit hall - but they would look hot! I'm channeling "Nessun Dorma" now...
Anonymous said…
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