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It was like Old Home Week at MANTS yesterday. It seemed in every aisle, I heard "Hey, Kathy" and turned around to see and get a hug from someone I'd not seen in months, if not years. Many of these folks I'd interviewed for Washington Gardener or have exhibited next to at other events or just know from the local gardening world. It has made me re-think whether or not to get a booth at MANTS myself next year for the magazine as this definitely is the place to be in the local horticultural universe. I'm still waffling on whether that would be worth it for us or if being able to run-around the show untethered as I have been is the still the better option.
Pictured here are a few fun, new-to-me things are saw on the show floor. The camelia in bloom is from the Cam Too booth. The Salad Table and doghouse with green roof are both from the MD HGIC/Master Gardeners display just outside the hall. The stone wine rack, manels, pavers, etc. are all made from tufo volcanic stone from Italy. Finally, the suspended water plant baskets are from VanBloem Gardens. The tradeshow continues today and Friday -- get over there if you can.


FirePhrase said…
I'm totally fascinated by the salad tables. I've got a green-thumbed friend that I'm trying to lobby into using one. I don't actually want to maintain it, but I'd love to try building one. Especially one with wheels so that it could be wheeled to where the sun is. Ooooo. Fancy.
Jon Traanfeld, who came up with this Salad Table concept, is going to speak on it to the Silver Spring Garden Club on Jan 19 at Brookside Gardens.
Fire - since you are way ou in TX, I'll save a handout and send one to you.
FirePhrase said…
Awesome! Thanks!
Carol Allen writes:

>>Thanks for posting the images, but the booth is the Montgomery College Landscape Technology Program. Nothing to do with master gardeners!

The work is done by a small army of MCLT students and alumni (which I are one!!) and vendor staff. Vendors donate their products to be used by Montgomery College at the show. The whole project is to encourage the industry to send their employees to obtain either a Landscape Technology Certificate or A.A.S. degree or simply to improve the employee's horticultural knowledge. For more information contact: Steve Dubik,

Steve's alumni include designers, managers, and owners of some of the most successful firms in the area.


My bad! I was running out the door when I took these pics and grabbed the HGIC flyers on a table next to the exhibit -- rongly assuming they were all lumped together in doing it. Thanks for clarifying, Carol.
Ah hah! I found the online link to the Salad Table handout - here it is:
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