How Cool is DC?

Ice cold! And these photos from this morning in my garden are proof. Seriously though, move over NY, step aside London, there is undoubtedly a new center of the universe that has taken main stage and it is located at 38.85 latitude and 77.04 longitude. Yes, Washington, DC has taken its rightful place

Adrian Loving had this to say in last Friday's WaPo Weekend section article asking local hipsters, "What are you looking forward to in D.C. night life in 2009?":

"... appreciate and establish D.C.'s own identity instead of always trying to always compare itself to Miami or L.A. or New York. We are beautiful and the hottest city in America right now!"

Can I get an "Amen!" to that?! Truly DC has grown far beyond the copycat wannabe of old and needs to start acting like the trendsetter and international focal point it now is.


FirePhrase said…
I've always thought DC's biggest image deficit is that it has the reputation of working hard and playing not at all. Oh, and somebody needs to kill that "Hollywood for smart, ugly people" tag. That's just poison.
Yes, we need to shed that as the truth is we have some real lookers in office now - Fenty, O'Malley, oh yeah, Obama. While over in Hollywood the current Oscar nominee crop is not exactly a bunch of 10s.
And after a week++ of partying, I hope we have proven ourselves on that front - but hey, working hard is a badge of honor too in my book.
Anonymous said…
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