Portland or Bust

Oregon, that is. I've been looking forward to and saving up for this all year -- it's my working vacation at the Garden Writers Association Symposium. Blog posts may be few or nil this week as I we have 12+ hour days of workshops, garden tours, and networking events.

What shocks me is how many garden writers I hear from that are not GWA members and/or are not attending this - especially those who are in/around the Portland. OR area. Are you crazy? That is like skipping being a world-champion swimmer and saying, "Nah, this time I'll sit out this Olympics." You only go-around once folks (at least in your present body) and it is a shame to let yourself miss out on all the connections, education, and fun.

If you'll be at GWA too, post a comment here or just give me a shout when you see me in Portland.


Susan Harris said…
I got an interesting perspective on the question of why some garden writers don't join GWA from Ketzel Levine of NPR. Says that GWA's relationships with vendors - taking lots of $$ from them - precludes it. They have to be super-careful about possible ethical problems.
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I'm not a lawyer but being a paying member of an association doesn't imply to me any official or actual connection to that association's sponsoring or supporting members -- any more than say attending a football game necessarily makes me a fan of the thatteam or of the beer companies that advertise there.

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