A Perfect Picnic Weekend

I don't think I've ever seen such a perfect weather weekend in DC and it was a three-day one at that. Had the family gathering today and spent Saturday at the annual picnic of the Metropolitan Washington Garden Club (formerly the Men's Garden Club of Montgomery). I've been meaning to get it out to this event for the past few years as I was intrigued to see the hosts, the Hansons, and their farm. As you see, the trip was worth it. With this scenery, a comfy chair, and a glass of iced tea, who needs the beach!
The gentleman showing the dahlias was Nick Weber of Heritage Rosarium fame. He has been growing them and entering them in local flower shows. He is considering branching out into selling the cut blooms at local farmers' markets. I think that would be a wonderful idea. The blooms are magnificent and, yes, the size of dinner plates. I'd definitely buy a few as I have no intention of growing any dahlias myself. They are thirsty and need irrigation, which is against my miserly live-and-let-live policy.


Betty of the Club said…
Enjoyed your comments and photos of the MWGC picnic at Hanson's farm last Saturday. We were happy to see you again. I've passed along the link to your blog to several members. The photos are lovely.
Thanks, Betty, and hope the club finds a good new meeting home.

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