I'm Back and Exhausted!

I got back at Midnight last night on Foxy and Stu from the Garden Writers Association Symposium in Portland, OR. So much for my ambition to clear my emails each night and get blogs posted every day with photos of what we'd done. Instead I was on the go from our breakfast meetings at 7am on through seminars, workshops, and garden tours all day through group dinners and receptions at night - usually ending about 11pm. I actually like the on-the-go, don't-waste-a-minute schedule myself. Seriously, I paid to fly across the country for this and I don't need or want nap times built in, but it does take a toll and so now at home I'm sifting through piles of snail mail, email, and phone messages plus playing catch-up on this blog. Many thanks to Rachel for guest-blogging for me on Sunday so we weren't dark all week. It will take a bit until I'm fully up-to-speed. When I am, I'll be sharing photos and videos too (if I can figure out how to upload them) as well as fun facts from the event.

You may have noticed I was not on NBC4 at 4pm today as we'd listed on our web events calendar -- the storm and expected flooding that is due with it bumped me to next Tuesday. I'm cool with that though as it means we are actually getting some rain finally and it gives me a bit more time to recover my voice. (Does it strike anyone else as odd that the supposedly "green" Portlandites smoke like chimneys? Damn, folks give an East Coast gal a chance to breathe. )

This Saturday I'll be at the Green Spring Fall Fest - rain or shine.
Also rain or shine is our annual Fall Harvest Collection for the Hungry on Sunday afternoon.

And who cares what the weather will be while you settle in Sunday night to catch local nursery Behnkes and their amazing landscaping crew on Extreme Makeover's season premiere?

Finally, we have our three winners to announce for the September Reader Contest. They are:
~ Lauren Shuck, Berwyn Heights, MD
~ Anna Ubeda, College Park, MD
~ Madeline Caliendo, Washington, DC
All receive passes to the Remodeling and Home Decor Show, which runs Friday, September 26 through Sunday, September 28, at the Dulles Expo Center in Chantilly, VA.


Hi - we sat on the bus to the GWA awards banquet- Shirley Bovshow "EdenMaker" It's good to be back but the event was awesome. Exhausting too.
Looks like you are back to work. I enjoyed your magazine. Thanks for the copy.

I'm speaking at the Los Angeles Unified School Districts School Gardening program this weekend. Looks like we are involved in another similar event this weekend.
Get some rest. Hope to see you again next year at GWA!
FirePhrase said…
I am reliably informed that the same contrariness that made Portland go green when almost nobody else cared lets them smoke like fiends when almost everybody else has stopped. You'd think they'd put them both together and come up with organic cigarettes.
Hi Shirley! Glad you liked the mag and definitely get in touch whenever you come out DC-way. I'll definitely be at GWA in Raleigh next year. :-)
I'll post more details on DC School Garden Week in the next few days - the LA school event sounds similar and I'm sure we can share notes on what is working for both communities.

Yes, Firephrase, Portland should look into at the very least getting cigarettes from local, organic sources. Walk the walk and all that...

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