Early Fall Bloom Day

It is the monthly Garden Bloggers Bloom Day again and I took a few pics as I ran out to spot water. The promised (threatened) rains that were predicted to come Friday, then Saturday, then Sunday, and now today, have never materialized -- just lots of hot air and wind blowing in. Now they are predicting NO rain for the next week. Yikes! Here I am planning a week in Portland, OR. That is a tough one for us bloggers. Let the garden fend for itself or get someone to water it? And you just know they never know all the things to water or will miss a few tucked-in post that will croak anyway. Ah, such is life.

For my blooms this month I have all the harbingers of fall in the Mid-Atlantic coming on strong -- Sweet Autumn Clematis, Autumn Joy Sedum, and blazing Chrysanthemums. The mums were last years 3 for $12 pots from Whole Foods that I planted in the sidewalk strip after the died back last year. They received absolutely no care - no pinching, no watering, etc. and probably got stepped on more than a few times by passing peds. Still they are big and strong and just coming into full bloom.

I also had a few unusual looking mushrooms pop up after the rains a week ago and they are holding on. This one pictured here is near my pond. Not a bloom, but at least a cute point of interest.


Carol said…
Yes, "no one takes care of your garden like you do". I know if I left mine, there would be some plants that I know about that others would miss.

Those mums are hardy, aren't they?

Thanks for joining in for bloom day!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens
Despite them all returning, I could not resist and bought more of those supermarket mums again this year -- instant color and instantly addicting.
Sorry I stole all your rain. I really didn't need it all. Those mums are a major bargain. Tough as nails & thriving on neglect. I should see if my Whole foods has any.

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