Spring has Sprung

The last few days were gorgeously warm and sunny. My February Gold and Tete-e-Tete daffodils are finally blooming along with dutch iris, snowdrops, and various crocus (croci? crocuses?). Even had a few flowers break out on my forsythia. Is it still "forcing" when you cut the branches to bring inside and they are already prematurely blooming?

Right now it is raining and chilly as it should be in early March. Here's to hoping we've broken the drought cycle and 2008 is a wet one.

Our March/April '08 issue is hot off the press and in the mail to all you wonderful subscribers. It's you who help pay the ever-inflating print and postal bills, don't you know? A big THANK YOU to you all. To all those who have not yet signed up, here is how to do so.

In this issue:
No Yard? No Problem: Patio, Balcony & Rooftop Gardens
Our 16 Photo Contest Winners
Seed Starting Basics
Brookside Garden’s Phil Normandy
Elevated Edibles: A Garden on High
Temperate Tropicals
Captivating Coral Bells (aka Heucheras)
A Living History Farm
Indian Mock Strawberry
An American Garden in the Japanese-Style
Cardozo’s Butterfly Garden of Change
and much, much more.

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