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~ Yes, that is the same Kathy Jentz. Last Friday the Washington Post's Weekend section ran this feature on a local Prince fan group, LoveSexyDC. I'm founder of that group and a few folks have made the connection. Since a photo of my "dancing" runs without, my cover has been totally blown. I'd plead the 5th, but it is a bit late for that now! See the direct story link here.

~ Ed Bruske of DCUrbanGardeners reknown sent me an email a few days ago pointing out that we are linked funny as "top picks" on the Washington Post's local blog directory. It is still up as of now. Here is the local blog directory link.

~ We are also linked on Channel 4's site. I did an appearance on 3/6 all about spring bulb care. The best part about that segment is my house is now full of not just my own forced bulbs, but also all the cut and forced bulbs I bought to supplement those and make this segment really colorful and bright. The dozen red tulips in a vase on my kitchen island are on their last legs (or is that last stems?). Anything that looks decent tomorrow morning, I'll pack up and bring to our booth (#702) at the Washington Home & Garden Show. 'Cause you know I'm all about re-use, recycle, and re-purpose.

~ Speaking of re-purposing, I include the above photo to show where I did NOT plant my crocus bulbs last fall -- which would be in the middle of a patch of groundcover ivy and under the leg of this heavy steel bench. I had to move the bench over a bit (a test of my puny upper-body strength), once the foliage coming up caught my eye last week. I attribute this planting to another example of "squirrel-scaping." I wrote about this phenomenon in one of my Editor's Letter columns in the magazine a while ago and many readers told me of squirrel-scaping they have seen or experienced, but none provided photos or put it in writing. So if you've had squirrels (or related rodents) re-arrange your planting plans, please drop me a link, an email, or a letter. I'd like to collect these to share in a future column.

~ One of my favorite garden tours is in the nearby neighborhood of Shepherd Park. I wrote a short "getting ready for spring" piece in their quarterly newsletter (March 08). It is now online and linked here. See page 4.

~ Finally, I almost did a spit-take last night while gulping down a quick fastfood dinner in between appointments. I was reading the March 08 issue of DCNorth. The District Beat column by Mark Seagraves caused me to swallow hard and re-read it twice as I could not believe the insulting language used.
Here is the offending excerpt:
>>Bush budget cuts could hurt azaleas
Friends and employees of the National Arboretum, located in northeast DC, are bracing for hard times. President Bush has proposed cutting the nature center’s budget almost in half. If the massive cut is approved by Congress, it will mean lay-offs at the Arboretum and a reduction in the hours the sanctuary is open to the public. Weekends will probably be the first thing to go. Sandy Miller Hays, a spokesperson for the Agricultural Research Service, the branch of the U.S. Department of Agriculture which operates the arboretum, says President Bush has proposed cutting $2 million from the arboretum’s $4.9 million dollar budget. “One possibility would be losing 20 full-time employees,” Hays says. “We would have to make adjustments such as limiting the hours the arboretum is open to the public.”Hays is quick to point out that the proposed budget cuts are not official until they are approved by Congress, but says agency directors do work for the President. “When you’re told by your boss to cut $84 million, you start planning for cuts.”<<
The cuts could "hurt azaleas"?? The USNA is a "nature center"?!? I think Mark actually thought he was helping their cause, but his misunderstanding of their value and mission is astounding. I'll let you digest that, as it were.


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