Is Arbor Day Too Early?

The Washington Gardener Enews Vol. 4, No. 3 — March 15, 2008 is now out and archived here.

One minor correction, we listed the area Arbor Day's in the To-Do List and Jeff Miller, Exec Director of the Virginia Green Industry Council, has let me know that, "Virginia's Arbor Day was officially changed by the General Assembly to the 4th Friday in April to coincide with National Arbor Day. So this year, it's April 25."

Thanks, Jeff, for the correct date, but isn't every day Arbor Day? :-) Some have stated that it should be shifted to fall when it makes more sense to be planting new trees. Is Arbor Day just about sticking a new seedling in the ground? I always thought it was about honoring what trees give to us and perhaps we should shift the emphasis of the celebration off of planting new trees to maintaining and caring for old and established trees. I think that is where the knowledge gap lies in the general populace.


FirePhrase said…
I think it's time that the term "tree hugger" was reclaimed for the people. At one point, it was a real insult. But trees deserve hugs. Especially the grand old trees that have done so much for us. I think that it's about time that "tree hugger" was liberated for the people. I'd be proud to be called one.

Around these parts (Takoma Park, MD), many folks have "tree hugger" bumper stickers on their SUVs so I think the pride is spreading. You are right, we need to further that and make it a real badge of honor - maybe "Tree Hugger Day" should replace Arbor Day in the spring and the Arbor Day would move to fall at appropriate planting times.

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