Getting Your Garden Ready for Spring

I did another WAMU Metro Connection radio interview last week that aired on Friday and repeated on Saturday. The topic was "Getting Your Garden Ready for Spring." The transcript and audio file are available here - see "April Gardening Tips."

This weekend at the MoCo Home Show was exhausting. I'm not sure if it was the long hours, sparse crowds, or the several trips I made to the Greyhound rescue booth to pet the dogs and warm up my hands. Or maybe it was listening to the featured speakers give the same talk several times. It is funny how the audience, though vastly different in size and composition each time, still managed to ask the same exact questions. Which makes it fairly predictable and easier to give these kind of talks, but sure can be boring. At a certain point I had to bite my tongue not to start heckling the audience members like a baseball player that should've long since retired. "C'mon, I know you know what a deer fence is? Are you kidding me?!" Being by the stage is a good location, but can have its drawbacks.

Tomorrow I'm off to the GWA Regional Mtg in Gloucester, VA (timed for daffodil festival week down there) followed by trips to Maymont and Ginter for tours of both those public gardens in Richmond, VA on Tuesday. This Thursday is the annual Montgomery County Parks Weed Warriors reception at Brookside Gardens. A busy week, but I've set aside all next weekend to finally get me own spring cleaning in the garden done!


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