Countdown to Philly

Sunday and Monday I'm in Philadelphia at the Garden Writers meeting. Since I'm jones-ing for a jolt of spring, I cannot wait to get there and drink in the sights and smells. It is almost like a quick trip to the Caribbean for me as far as winter rejuvenation effects go. A bonus this year is that the theme is New Orleans, a city I have visited many times and one of the few places on earth I can see myself moving to one day -- just something about the rich history, southern charm, and dark shadows that is intoxicating. I cannot wait to see how the flower designers and landscape architects have interpreted the city in vegetative materials!

BTW, for those under the impression that this show is just about cut flowers. Perhaps the name has thrown you, but it is so much more. Window boxes bulging with tropical plantings, townhouse demonstration gardens, talks by the top garden book authors, houseplant competitions, cooking demonstrations, avant garde flower arrangements, flower-inspired art exhibits, live music, etc. I'm only scratching the surface here.

I'm home for a day of recovery on Tuesday and then our own Washington Gardener trip to the Philadelphia Flower Show is on Wednesday, March 5. We are leaving from/returning to downtown Silver Spring.

There are just a few remaining seats to fill. If you were on the fence about coming or procrastinated until now, it is time to make a decision or miss out.

Full details on the tour are posted here.

And yes, to get the Washington Gardener Magazine discount you can subscribe at the same time as signing up for the tour.


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