The Capital Beltway Horticulture Shows

Some of you have heard rumors about these new events and we are just starting the publicity machine rolling in earnest for them. We have partnered with Behnke Nurseries to present three unique events for area gardeners this spring -- an Azalea Show, Flower Show, and Perennial Show.

We hope to raise $30,000 for EarthShare. The fundraising will come from $5 raffle tickets which will be chances to win some incredible prizes. (Think in terms of store gift certificates in the $100+ ranges.) Behnkes will also be offering some incredible plant specials and I know many of the event vendors will have some terrific specials as well.

I have just put up a new page on our web site and it will be continually updated as new details come in, so bookmark and visit regularly. Please help spread the word.


Nancy J. Bond said…
It looks like you're fundraising for a worthy cause -- I wish I were close enough to partake.
I really hope I can make all three shows. I'd like to check it out just to see what's there. I lost a Kalmia this winter (I think I overwatered it last year during the drought!) and might want to replace it in a different spot. I wonder if they have any of the deciduous large & late-flowering azalea varieties. But I am most anticipating the perennial show. That should be fun.
Doug - Kalmias are notoriously trouble to grow - unless you live ona mountain side and they naturalized there. So don't blame yourself for the failure - but do try again, they are so lovely.
I, too, think the Perennial Show looks to be the best of the three.

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