The Pig Can Garden

Penelope is exquisute. I love this film! Saw it at an MPAA screening yesterday. It is a smart, funny retelling of the Beauty & the Beast fairie tale. Beautiful visuals throughout! I was "sold" from the opening minute, but what really put it over the top is Penelope's lifelong love of horticulture and her ambition to become a horticulturist. I'm not going to say too much more as I don't want to spoil it for you all -- just see it and enjoy.


FirePhrase said…
Richard E. Grant? I'm there!

YOU are going to love it. Okay maybe I should not oversell - but seriously, it is right up your alley, JB.
dogwooddesigner said…
Thanks so much for pointing it out - I can hardly wait. what could be better than a pig nose plus horticulture.

Speaking of horticulture - don't know if any of you have seen these programs but I went to a superb Horticulture Magazine seminar in Richmond last Satureday. The gardener for the Prince of Whales was there speaking about sustainability. That plus another speaker talking about East Coast native grasses, ferns and moss. So good. There's another one being given at Winterthur on Feb 16th.
I've got my eye on those Hort courses too, DogwoodD. More a matter of making room in my scheduling than anything.
The more I think about "Penelope," the more I think this film would be great viewing at a benefit screening at a public garden. Would be almost a 3D-effect to watch it in a conservatory surrounded by tropicals and wafting scents. And it is family-appropriate.
dogwooddesigner said…
I've been to 2 of them now . The first, luckily, was a Brookside Gardens. I hope they do more there. Maybe we could convince Brookside to show Penelope.

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