Our 3-D Issue: Dwarf Citrus, Daffodils, and Don Engebretson

The latest Washington Gardener Enews is now out. It was sent via email yesterday and can be viewed at our archive site here.

Washington Gardener Enews
Vol. 4, No. 2 — February 15, 2008
In This Issue:
Growing Dwarf Citrus Trees
Magazine Excerpt: Delightful, Dependable Daffodils
February To-Do List
Spotlight Special: Hollybrook Orchards Brand Fruit Trees
Reader Contest: Capital Home & Garden Show Passes
Local Gardening Events

Note that our current Reader Contest has a very short entry period this time -- so act now, if you'd like to win passes to next weekend's Capital Home & Garden Show to see Don Engebretson, the Renegade Gardener.


Jessica said…
Thanks for this great advice. As a California gal who grew up with kumquats in the backyard, it is great to know that I can recreate that here on a small scale. Had no idea - big thanks!
Your welcome, Jessica. And would you believe someone (a highly educated older lady) asked me the other day what a kumquat was?!

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