The Gardens of the Cathedral Close

In one of our early issues of Washington Gardener Magazine we did an extensive story on the National Cathedral's grounds, though what we printed was only the tip of the iceberg. Linda Daisley of AHG Communications sent us the following a few weeks ago to share with you all:

Nancy Symington's garden docent handbook is now posted as a PDF on the All Hallows website, under "History." Go to this link. Then look at the bottom of that page for highlighted parts 1 through 5. Click on Part 1 to begin.

Because of the length of the document, it was posted in five sequential parts which may be confusing but was unavoidable. Anyone wanting a print copy of the entire document may now simply print it from her computer. Further, if one wants information on only one piece of statuary, simply search the document, find the page and then read or print.

Nancy researched tirelessly to produce this document. I urge all of you to take the time to read what Nancy has compiled, mark it in your "Favorite" documents, refer to it frequently and become even more knowledgeable about the Close! Share it with friends as well.


DC said…
Wow Nancy went to town on that thing, it looks like a major effort!

The National Cathedral grounds offer one of the largest canvases for landscaping downtown other than government builds, and we have always enjoyed walking the gounds. Placing some of the things we have seen in a historical context will now be much easier to figure out! Great new reference!

Amanda from

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