Bloom Day - a bit tardy

Just like my snowdrops, I'm a bit tardy with this month's Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, but here is what is blooming for me today:

Winter jasmine (pictured here)

Hyacinth (pictured below)
Violets (pictured below)

I'm keeping tabs on my crop of crocus, 'February Gold' Daffodils, and Iris reticulata -- all teasing me mercilessly everytime I venture outside. "Are they open yet?" I plead. "No," they say, "Let us sleep in a bit more, it is so cozy down inside this mulched soil and so chilly out there." I can hardly blame them.


Potato Leaf said…
Spring is bursting out all over. I was in the Calverton area of Silver Spring (Montgomery County, MD) recently and the yellow and purple croccus blooms were basking in the afternoon sun in a garden on the west side of a home.
Carol said…
I can't believe that I have a crocus blooming and you don't. But to be fair, I only have one little cluster blooming, the rest are all like yours, hiding under the mulch where it is warm. Keep watching, spring is bound to come eventually, right?

Thanks for joining us for bloom day again!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens
Glickster said…
For more about Hellebores:
Sue Swift said…
My daffodils feel much like yours I think - but it just means the fun of watching them arrive lasts a bit longer.
Today many more snowdrops are out - still no crocus -- they just heighten my anticipation.
Alberto Correia said…
I dont speak english, but I like your photos. Sorry my english.
Alberto - Gardening is a universal language so no worries. :-)

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