Why the 15th?

Seems the 15th of the month is getting very popular online, I was so busy I missed both Blog Action Day and Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. Looking at the other bloggers' blooms I see a lot of mums and pansies and can say, "Same here!" For my belated Environmental Action, I suppose it'd be writing about buying Locally Grown Plants. It is the subject of the feature story in the latest issue of the monthly Washington Gardener Enews. It has been sent out to readers and is now archived here. It is free to view and sign up for our online issues. Note that the content of the Enews is different from our print magazine and, of course, we'd love for you to subscribe to Washington Gardener Magazine in order to support our free online efforts: this blog, our web site, our yahoo group, and, of course, the Enews.

I've been sending out the Enews faithfully on the 15th of the month since January '05. This one was another squeaker to get out on time as I spent the morning at the DC School Garden Week launch event (Mayor Fenty is pictured here reading his proclamation). As part of the launch event, the winners of the first ever DC School Garden Photo contest were announced. View them here. I helped judge and must say it was a fun, but tough job. We also kicked in a free year's subscription to our magazine to the grand prize winner. Hope to see more budding gardeners and garden photographers coming from this.

Also last night was the monthly meeting of the Silver Spring Garden Club where one of our most prolific and entertaining book reviewers, Jim Dronenburg, spoke on the creation of his hilltop garden in Knoxville, MD. Jim did such a good job, the whole club wants to make the trek north to visit his property in person next spring. I've visited there myself and can attest it is a garden lover's delight. I approve of his "plant more, weed less" philosophy. Life is too short to worry too much about neat borders and clear paths.

Yesterday was also the deadline for those of us who applied for a tax filing extension. Thank goodness I bit the bullet and hired pro tax accountants to take care of this for me finally. Why everything has to be due on and take place on the 15th is beyond me. When I chose that date for the monthly Enews, I naively thought moving it away from the beginning or end of the month was actually a smart move!


kermitjohnson said…
I did not participate in Blog Action Day, either.

. However, I wrote a belated post of my own about an environmental issue that might strike a cord with some of your readers.

Brazilian Teak Floors, Slave Labor, and the Destruction of the Rain Forest.

You can find it at:

Anything that you can do to help promote awareness of this issue will be greatly appreciated. Normally, I don't ask for this kind of help, but the issue is that important to me.

Thank you!

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