Who me?

My "Making It" profile is in today's Washington Post Magazine. You can read it online here. The photo currently up on the web page is from last week's profile an interior decor person holding a bolt of fabric. Hoping they out my correct one up soon - holding a trowel and garden gloves. Not that this lady is unattractive, just that I'm sure it is confusing as to why this garden magazine editor has a silk tassel fetish. A different version of the correct photo is currently shown here on the teaser page. Truthfully, I like this teaser one better than what was used in print. (I lifted it from their page and placed it with this post at top, left.)

I did get a lot of recognition at the Takoma Park Farmer's Market today and a number of emails. Will see how the rest of the week goes and if this results in any direct subscription increase.

Update: The photo on the WashingtonPost.com page is now corrected and is actually me. I'm getting recognized by strangers in the grocery store now and have calls from long-lost friends. Weird, but entertaining.


Carol said…
I followed the link from Garden Rant. Very impressive! Congratulations. I'm tempted to subscribe, but would there be anything in the magazine for a Zone 5 gardener in Indiana?
Thanks, Carol. I do actually have a few subscribers in Indiana and Ohio - though we are predominantly about Zones 6-7 (and thaks to Global Warning now parts of zone 8). Take a look at our back issue topic listing on our Web Site www.WashingtonGardender.com - go to the "Subscribe" page and scroll to bottom to see the full list of our back issues and their contents. If those subjects interest you, I think you'll definitely like our future issues.

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