Nose to the Grindstone

I bet you thought I dried up and blew away! I’m still here – just been so swamped I haven’t had a chance to post even a sentence here. From the GreenFest DC all weekend to the Open Garden I hosted here on Monday, I’ve been on the run to one appointment after another. All self-inflicted of course and I hate that about myself, over-scheduling and over-extending are my downfall. Anyone got a pill for that? I still need to unpack from Oklahoma City GWA meeting last week and my desk looks like a hurricane, so if I don’t return your emails or voice mails in a timely manner, please be patient. I hope to be able to regroup by this weekend and get back to somewhat regular schedule. Right now I’m off to the Purple Line Now benefit party. Hope to see many of my fellow pro-transit and green friends there.
I dug up this old pic of me trying to single-handedly tackle a 10-cubic-yard sized mulch pile. It is the perfect metaphor for how October has been for me thus far.


Is it over commitment, or just doing what you love? Is this Sylvia's post? I want a pill to put me in a trance to get all the paper work done when I return so I can get out to the garden.

I was at the Holistic vet conference the same weekend as the Green Fest, so sadly missed it this year.

We spoke in our club last month about the environmental impact of the plastic pots we get from the nurseries and how to re-use the pots. We are collecting and sharing seeds, which is a big help to the environment (paper packages, shipped with gas, grown with chemicals, and more). I want to set up a great way to "plant shop" among our members rather than buy new plants all the time.

Christina Chambreau
Christina - many garden clubs have plant swaps or exchanges. One I'm in has 3 a year! It is really a great way to get rid of your excess and get new plants you may not have otherwise ever tried. I have a night blooming Cereus on my windowsill right now thanks to the last exchange I attend. Something I'd certainly never have sought out or bought on my own.

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