Email Errors & Guest Rant email is experiencing technical difficulties. Please send all correspondence dealing with Washington Gardener Magazine to For the last week I have not been getting any of my email sent to any of the "" addresses. Please resend anything you might have sent from October 15 on to our address.

The problem started up Monday morning -- I think we got pegged as spammers due to the high volume of mail I was getting right after the Washington Post interview came out and our Washington Gardener Enews was sent.

Since this is our deadline week I'm in the middle of getting our Nov/Dec 07 issue of the magazine to the printer, this has been doubling frustrating. As if sitting on the phone with your ISP and various email program providers is such a joy on a normal day. I simply don't have time any longer to spend several hours a day hunting down the fix while trying to get the final layouts done and corrections in. So until this issue is safely to bed, I ask that you all use the AOL address. After this week, I'll go back to square one and see if I can get all the email addresses reworked and forwarding correctly.

For more entertaining news, checkout my Guest Garden Rant here. It is about my experiences at the GWA meeting in OKC a few weeks back. Pictured above are some of those same GWA garden writers in the All-America Selections display garden at Oklahoma State University. They are getting a close-up view of the new ornamental peppers.


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