Bulbing with Pride

A big congratulations to Becky Heath of Brent & Becky's Bulbs in Gloucester, VA, for her appearance on Martha Stewart yesterday (being rerun on some cable channels tonight). Wow!!! I just knew there had to be a good reason she did not stay at the GWA meeting for the Karaoke Party! She is usually a headlining act at that event and truly has a melodious voice, not to mention is a generous, wonderful person aside from her singing talent and bulb knowledge.

In OKC, Brent again invited me down to visit them next spring at the height of the bulb displays and though I failed to carve out a few days to make it this year, I'm determined to do it in 2008. Pictured here is a photo of Becky and Brent that I borrowed from their About Us page on their web site. Next GWA event I am going to make it a point to take more photos of my favorite people and not just of the plants and gardens!

BTW it IS bulb planting season now. If you failed to order spring-blooming beauties through mail order, don't worry there are plenty available at your local garden center and I know you'll sign up now for the Brent & Becky's catalog mail list so you are much more prepared next year. Another fantastic source of bulbs this year is the Takoma Hort Club's annual fundraiser bulb sale at the Takoma Street Festival this coming Sunday, October 7. The club's bulb sale is back by popular demand after a two-year break. The bulbs are right off the ship from Holland (literally just got here a couple days ago) and are of the highest quality. Selections were made with DC-area gardeners in mind and prices are very good. And if you want to save a few dollars more, join the THC before or even at the sale and get a THC member discount. Full disclosure, I'm currently President of the THC and am the bulb sale chair, but truthfully I'm the best customer as well. Bulbs are the easiest and most rewarding part of gardening IMHO.


Callie said…
Meeting Brent and Becky in OKC felt like a brush with greatness... I visited their website earlier today. I'm itching to get bulbs in the ground!

Yes Callie - I'm waiting with mine until we get some actual RAIN.

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