Back from OKC and I'm Hungry to Garden

Am back today from the GWA meeting and thought I'd post a few quick photos from yesterday's garden tours in OKC. Most of the gardens were of the "wish I had been born to that kind of money" variety and were not tended by the homeowners themselves. See the Zen garden and Italianate gardens pictured below. These are great to visit, but would you want to live there? Kind of like cotton candy -- sweet and enjoyable, but not satisfying or filling.

The first picture (here at left) was of a gardener's front beds. I believe she did her own puttering about. The pairing of goldenrod (tall yellow plumes at the back) and lantana (spilling yellow-flowered plant to the fore) was just my cup of tea. In fact, I think I'll borrow this very plant combo idea next summer in my own garden as my crop of goldenrod are a good-for-you-but-boring diet without a spicy side-dish to set them off.

I'll write much more on this trip when I have time to digest all I've learned as a guest post on my experience for the gals at


David Perry said…
I certainly agree with your assessment of many of the monied gardens we toured, but am also reminded of the lyrics to that old Beattles song: "Money can't buy me love."
There were a few though, hand wrought by their owners and quite wonderful.
David, thanks for stopping by and ading your 2 cents. I'm glad i'm not the only one who thinks "less is more." Also wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed your talk on the Blog panel at GWA. Your own garden photo blog is quite inspiring!

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