You say, "Tomato" -- I say, "Berry"

The April 15 issue of Washington Gardener Enews is now out and posted here. This issue has:
Final Frost Dates and Just WHEN to Plant
Magazine Excerpt: Early Spring Veggies
April To-Do List
Spotlight Special: Tomatoberry
Reader Contest: Passes to the Annapolis Secret Garden Tour
Local Gardening Events

I especially like writing the "Tomatoberry" story as it is just so cute. I mean how many of us haven't picked up a plant or two just on the cute name factor? I have a "Kiwi Herman" coleus that I bought at Homestead a few years ago and have been taking cuttings off each winter to renew (sh!) it each spring. Did I buy it just for its deep dark leaves with chartreuse green edges? Partly. But mostly I'm a big Pee Wee Herman fan and couldn't resist! Add to that my "Purple Rain" salvia and my "Eleanor Roosevelt" iris and I could start a whole collection of celebrity tie-in plants that I adore. Besides, my young nieces love cherry tomatoes, so I'm thinking they'll really dig these "berries."

In unrelated news:
I'm a regular reader of The Dollar Stretcher as I try to be frugal and earth-friendly in both my personal and professional lives. A little while ago I submitted an article on how to save money on going to the movies. I almost hated sharing some of these tips as the competition for free passes and screenings can be fierce at times, but in the interest of good Karma and the fact that I'd certainly want others to share this info with me, I've passed on my best tips. Find it here at My Story: More Movie Savings.


Anonymous said…
Can we get a review of the Tomatoberry when you've had a chance to taste, please? Sounds delightful. If it passes the kid test, even better.
Will definitely follow-up once I get to actually taste one of these.

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