Link Up

We have links to reviews/articles about our Washington Gardener Photo Contest Art Show, at three local blogs: DC Urban Gardeners News.

Pictured here is the crowd at the opening reception taken by staff shutterbug, Drena J. Galaza. I think this illustrates the concept of networking better than my previous blog post could ever hope to achieve.

Also recently posted was an Garden Rant blog. If you are a gardener, especially one with a sense of humor, I urge you to make the Rant a regular daily habit. I enjoy the different mix of opinions and I'm not shy about posting my own -- so you'll see my signature line in many past comment fields. The thoughts from other gardeners around the world really make me say, "Hmmm." And yes, I've rethought and recanted a rant or two myself after reading others feedback. Sometimes they make me very glad I live and garden where I do (especially those laments by late-season Northerners), other times they make me boil with jealousy over their cheerily fertile climate. So how is YOUR garden growing these days?


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