Doing Business in Your Bathrobe Day

That's today! Doing Business in Your Bathrobe Day started by This day "recognizes the hard work and dedication it takes to be an entrepreneur. It's a national holiday to call attention to the millions of home business owners who have waved good-bye to the corporate rat race and settled into a better quality of life. We felt it was high time to recognize the efforts and dreams of entrepreneurs." Webmomz cofounder, Kristie Tamsevicius, says, “It’s a national day to support entrepreneurs everywhere who are taking their work and paychecks into their own hands,”

I'm not a working mom, but I am entrepreneur and home business owner who took the leap just two short years ago. I love this idea. Not just because it is a day of solidarity, but also because it reflects how I spend a great deal of my work day.

My usual routine is to get up around 8am, feed the cat, make some tea, and hit the computer, about 10am I take a break to catch a bit of the Martha Stewart Show while getting dressed, brushing my teeth, and eating breakfast. Some days I work right on through Martha and up to lunch. At that point I've been in my robe and pjs for 5 hours of my work day, which is not unusual at all for me.

I force myself to take lunch about the sane time everyday be tying it to watching All My Children.(I was convinced that David is the Satin Slayer, but after Dixie's death, I'm not so sure.) Sometimes I don't get off the computer or phone until the last 10 minutes of the show, but at least I try to make 1-2pm my break period daily.Then its back to the computer until 7pm or so -- depending upon what deadlines are looming and what evening events I have planned. I'm usually in bed about Midnight.

Many days of course I have to go out to article interviews, photo shoots, meetings, and errands. And on weekends my hours are much earlier and go later depending upon what local garden events we are scheduled to attend. On those days I'm out of my bathrobe and into "real" clothes asap, though lately during this frigid February my wardrobe has started to slide into a lot of baggy sweaters and fleece so I don't feel too much of a shock at the change.

How about you? Wearing your bathrobe to work today?


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