Ready for my Extreme Close-up?

Yesterday morning was my 5th (I think) appearance on WUSA-Channel 9, our local CBS affiliate. They try and do a garden segment each Sunday around 8:45 am. This time I did our current issue's theme: shade gardening. All was going well when I arrived. I set up our plants on the "weather terrace" (pictured). Then the winds started and cloud cover gathered. Rain was not predicted until afternoon, but sure enough I felt a few drops about 10 minutes prior to our segment. A few more drops joined them and I stepped just inside to go over my notes. Right as the anchor came out -- less than 60 seconds prior to the live segment. The rain started a steady sprinkle. She freaked out - she "did not do rain" and neither did her hair. With 20 seconds to on-air our choices were slim, We picked up and moved the table to the shadow of a large satellite dish on the roof and went to TIGHT close-ups with a handheld camera. This is LIVE television so you gotta think on your feet. I think it went all right from the viewers' vantage. For me, my head was still trying to wrap around the "my hair doesn't do rain" thing for the entire 4-minute segment. As a wash-and-wear kinda girl, that was pretty alien for me. Meanwhile, lesson learned -- always have a plan B. Oh yeah, the rain stopped a few minutes later and my plants survived the trip to the studio, around town, and home pretty well. Now off to plant them back in the garden.


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