Quotes of Note

I was interviewed a few weeks back for the Northwest Current, a local community paper in DC that is distributed biweekly basically to the more affluent sections of town. The writer had done a feature story on me and the magazine start last year. Unfortunately, this paper only has a bare bones web site so nothing to really link here. (If you'd like to see a copy, drop me an email at editor@washingtongardener.com and I'll send you the two-page PDF scan.) This time around it is a general story on fall plantings, specifically edibles. Anything to get the magazine out there more.

Can't tell you how frustrated I was last week at a local garden club meeting I attended and trying to explain no, I'm not affiliated at all with the Washingtonian magazine or the Washington Home and Garden freebie advertorial or Washington Post newspaper. But I shouldn't be too upset, these same folks actually dropped a few veiled racist remarks during the event and the average age of membership hovers somewhere around 85. Yeah, as you can surmise, I won't be joining them again anytime soon.


Anonymous said…
Sorry you didn't enjoy the club meeting....that club has been going for 60 years, so don't knock it too hard -- a lot of heavy hitters in gardening there. We may look decrepid but...few there were over 80. The new membership is younger -- had 6-7 new members in the past 2-3 months...not bad.
Good to know the club is getting some new blood in and is growing. I'll definitely drop by future meetings and be interested in your progress.

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