Pay No Attention to the Screams in the Background

Working from home is one of the best things about starting your own business. However, there are a few challenges. For instance, the friends who ask when you are going to move to a "real" office space. Uh, never. Why would I pay rent to someone else and add a needless commute to my day? Then there is being located within 3 yards of my refrigerator. Discipline takes on a whole new meaning these days.

But the biggest current work-at-home challenge I have is my cat. Yes, the stereotypical office cat just sits and purrs on your scanner while you busily work away on the computer. Mine? Most of the day she sleeps about 5 ft. behind me on a cushy chair, but the rest of the time she spends harassing me. Literally. If I answer the phone, this is her cue to start screaming in loud yowls. I often get asked, "Is that your baby?" Kinda. That is Chantilly at left admiring the goldfish while keeping a healthy distance from the pond's edge.

Or if I answer the door for package or printer drop-offs, she bum-rushes the deliveryperson. Very professional! When she is hungry or really wants outside time, she starts a circling pattern around me -- in tighter and tighter circumference as if the she is a hawk hunting its prey. Her final act of desperation is misbehavior of some kind (like tearing paper) that will have me roaring out of my desk chair and chasing her. Got to hand it to her, it works and often results in her getting my full attention.

Yes, she has me trained. In exchange, she does help weed the garden by chomping on any stray grass that may stray into my planting beds. She is also becoming a good hunter and has the moles on the run. But mostly she serves as a nice art accent to any garden view she occupies.


Anonymous said…
Do you grow anything special for Miss Chantilly? I've seen cat grass at the pet store and wondered if it was a scam.
Anonymous said…
I wouldn't be able to get any work done around my cat(s). I'd spend too much time playing with them.
Yes, playing with Chantilly is a time-consumer as is her wanting to snuggle and prevent me from getting up.

Cat grass is actually one of Chantilly's favorite treats. As with everything from catnip toys to tuna, it is a matter of your own cat's tastes.
You can buy the already grown variety or just buy the seeds and do it yourself (for much less money). It is just oat grass - which you can also by from see at the pet store or at health food stores.
I try to only let her eat a little at a time. I think it is a tummy-soother. She is also a big fan of chives, so I have to beware of her getting to my herb containers. She will wolf it all down if I let her. Kitties with onion breath are not cool!
Sounds dreamy to me, working from home, and having a cat as a distraction. I work in an office, and my cat is living with my mom because I found out I'm allergic! Now I hear her frustration over the phone when she tries to read something and my cat sits on top of it. ;)

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