Outdoor Living Trends

Whenever I hear the phrase "outdoor living," why do I always think of Tarzan? Specifically my mind jumps to the Johnny Weissmuller era and the tree house that Jane fixed up real nice. Now THAT is outdoor living. I recall Jane always had an orchid in her hair, lots of fresh fruit, and a nearby waterfall to play in -- much preferable to a drafty old stone manor back in the damp UK. Hmm, that and the beefcake view is not bad either.

"Outdoor Living" is the hot marketing trend for garden businesses right now. It is also the topic of a two-part article we are running in the Washington Examiner newspaper this Friday and next. You can pick up a copy today at any metro station around town. See page 5 of the Real Estate section. Online you can access it at http://ee.dcexaminer.com/dc/?haspdf=1 (or www.dcexaminer.com) and scroll to page 61 of today's print edition.


Anonymous said…
I saw an extremely cool outdoor living space set up at a festival that had a complete, freestanding brick fireplace, with the hearth and everything. Very chic. The very first time I win the lottery, I'm going to get something just like that.

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