Newbie Magazine Publishers Beware!

Meg Weaver, in the Wooden Horse News, an enewsletter on the magazine business and magazine writing, reports that University of Mississippi journalism professor Samir Husni commented on the new trend of shorter- and shorter-lived magazines in the US today. "According to his research, 45% of magazines launched in 2003 are still being published. By comparison, only 38% launched in 2005 are still alive. In other words -- 2003: 454 launched; 204 are still published and in 2005: 350 launched; 133 are still published."
That is a big yikes! Well, we made it in through year 1 and are fast coming up on our second anniversary - January 1, 2007. Our first print issue came out March/April 2005, so we have defied the odds. Time to celebrate! I'm thinking of hosting some kind of Fall Harvest shindig - an open garden mixed with a thank you to our readers, writers, contributors, and advertisers. Am scanning the calendar for a good date for this, but so far all weekends in fall look tightly scheduled and I'm afraid to go too late into the season for fear of the coming freezes - and that would be no fun for a garden party! I'll try to pin down the date by this weekend and get the ball rolling.


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