Mums The Word

The September 15 issue of the Washington Gardener Enews is now posted to the archives. You can view it here. To subscribe, just go to the same link and click on the 'subscribe' button. The Enews comes out every month on the 15th and has completely different content from our magazine. Mostly the more time-sensitive things like a garden to-do task list, links to area garden events. etc. Please support the Enews by also subscribing to the Washington Garden Magazine which features the real "meat and potatoes" of the local garden scene. We can't bring you the Enews for free without the Magazine's subscription support.

In this Enews, the feature story is on mums. I just bought two more today -- at 4 for $12 at Whole Foods and Safeway -- they are like a drug. Cheap, easy, and instant color for the front porch and then great garden filler after that.

Also in this Enews, we let readers know about the Green Fest and our 2-for-1 special coupon available just for our Magazine subscribers. We will also have a subscriber giveaway of Green Fest passes in the upcoming weeks leading up to the event on October 14-15.


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