Diversify the Product Line

Because I'll be at the Maryland Faerie Fest all this weekend (their second annual event and my first), I'm not sure if that crowd will be into signing up for the magazine or buying individual issues. So I thought, why not make a little extra cash and having some fun on the side by potting up my tons of extra plants and by making little concrete word plaques.

Well, the plants are easy - just got to find a few hours between now and Saturday early AM to do them and label them well. The other project concrete word plaques have not been so easy - my first batch I followed kit instructions precisely and the concrete hardened up immediately - not a chance of pressing in words or scratching in letters! I had my sayings all worked out too! From "my herb garden" to "faeries welcome." I'm going to try it again tonight with a different concrete mix - this time not really for resale, but for some fun gift items. Will see how those do and how well they go over with the giftees.


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