Cover Girl

Is it bad of me to say I'm in love with our new (May/June 2006) cover photo? Here it is at left. First of all, it took me forever to find a photo to go with this issue's 'natives' cover theme. Every single photo that was submitted was not a native, too crowded, too dark/light, without vertical interest, or just not attractive. The cover photo I had first settled on - a bay-side house and landscape featuring natives went to the printer but turned out to be too low-res and would've been a grainy mess. Going back to my files - I searched and searched - almost giving up and going with one I thought was pass-able but not very nice, I stumbled across this shot I took in a friend's garden of her American Wisteria. It was probably one of the first ever I took with my current (Canon A90) digital camera and was pur luck that it came out so crisp and well-framed. The reason I love it so much is the colors are our Washington Gardener purple and green plus it is exactly what I'm now aiming for in covers - one strong, clear focal point to grab readers. Then there is the fact that it looks like the Asian Wisteria and for some folks will push a real hot-button with that "natives" cover tag - I can see the emails now! Can't wait to set them straight (and we do have a detailed "on the cover" cut-line on our table of contents page) that, "Yes, this IS a native and shame on you for not knowing there is an American variety of this hated invasive vine." Okay, that will be fun - but most of all, I just think it is a gorgeous plant and one I wish more folks grew in this area.


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