TV Worth It?

I did my third appearance on local CBS affiliate - WUSA-TV9 - yesterday morning. Not only do I have to get up at the crack of dawn, but this week was daylight-savings so lost another hour sleep. Worrying over not getting up on time or the reset clocks not working, I don't think I got any sleep. What is amazing is - not only was I on time, fully prepared and energetic - but it all went smoothly and well. My only gripe is not being able to mention our web address (they only want theirs put in and than redirect to yours) or squeeze more about the magazine itself.

Maybe it is the lack of sleep - but I'm questioning whether it is worth it to do these TV segments. The first appearance I was able to see an immediate impact in magazine subscription orders via our web site - but did not see an immediate result from the latter two appearances. That doesn't mean there were no orders as a result - just none that can be positively attributed to them and not from any other sources.

My time investment is about 6 hours per monthly appearance which is a great deal from my strapped schedule - but my costs are low - below $25 for props and plants. And I'm all about the free publicity and anything that gets our name out there just one more time is great to me. I certainly could not afford a 4-minute television commercial at this point. I'll continue to cheerfully do the segments for now, but will keep my eye on the future "cost-benefit ratio."


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