Perfect Weather = No Sales

Okay, not "NO sales" at Towson Gardens Day today - but not exactly worth it for the early wake-up, schlepping all the way out there and back, packing & unpacking, and spending all day there. Most other vendors said the show was "eh" for them as well. It was perfect weather and as good a crowd as the organizers could ever expect size-wise, just nobody interested really in gardening or buying much garden-related material. I will not be doing it again. I'm posting this to remind myself next year when I get the idea in my head of "why not" and wasting my time again.

The event itself is fine for attendees and it is run now by the Federated Garden Clubs of Maryland. For garden vendors, it is not so hot - the weekday timing and location pull in the neighboring office workers, folks from their county court, and parents bringing their kids for "take them to work" day. Which means a lot of milling around and enjoying the food offerings and looking at tchochkes, but not much else.


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