Google Ads

I'll probably say more on this at another time - but just had to do a short rant on the Google Adwords put on my blog. When I added the Google ad links (above), I suppose I thought: "I'll make a few pennies off this, but that is it." So I said "why not?" Now I see the links are pulled directly from words or things mentioned in my most current post. So when I discussed New York City - I now have ads for NY tourism. When I discussed tradeshows, had lots of links to affiliated services. Wouldn't mind these so much, if some of them weren't downright shysters or shady at the least. Oh well, at least a good percentage of the time the links are to garden folks. I do get to list who I do NOT want to link to - but that is a tedious process and puts the burden on you to know who those folks might be - so the obvious ones like a direct competitor can be barred, but it is the unknown ones that can sneak in there that worry me. I'll keep an eye on it and see if worth the future hassle.


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