Free Trees! Can't Even Give Them Away...

Okay, so today's Arbor Day event in Takoma Park was a bit low-key due to the dreary weather and having to move indoors. Still a good turn-out and got to talk to lots of folks. It never is the best-attended event and for the life of me I can't figure out why. Maybe people think it is for TP residents only? Have to educate them about that then. But otherwise, why not stop by for a few minutes for free trees, free plant advice, free publications on just about every local environmental issue, and of course, kid's activities. (One little tike had on a red hoodie that made him look just like a living garden gnome - what a cutie!)

My biggest disappointment today was in the no-show from Woodsy the Owl. Apparently his booking was old info from previous year's Arbor Day promotions and he was never to have been at this one, so I suppose I should not be too upset. I did get a Woodsy bumper sticker - and with no car I guess it will go onto one of my steamer storage trunks. Still I was looking forward to reliving a bit of childhood nostalgia with him. I think if you are Gen X like me and were way into Schoolhouse Rock, Hong Kong Fooey, Zoom, and the like -- then you also have a soft-spot for Woodsy. Ahh, the memories... How easily I was indoctrinated into the "hippie" causes and liberal-leaning teachings of those public service messages. At the time I didn't know why exactly I was supposed to "give a hoot, don't pollute" - but I certainly did as I was told and loved that big owl - and still do.


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