Days Off

I had my first "vacation" this weekend since starting the magazine 16 months ago. Although the two days were not the greatest timing (in the midst of getting the current issue's layout finalized and to the printer), it was a holiday weekend and most folks would have been out of reach in any case. I had promised myself to not do ANY work-related things for 48 hours. That did not happen.

I went with a friend to NY city to see the new "Tarzan" musical. Not only did we discuss the magazine and ideas for promotion, marketing, accounting (he is an accountant), etc. I spent the bus ride up and back catching up on a lot of my reading pile. Now have a pile of clippings to follow-up on. The musical itself contained a sequence about the exotic flora of Africa -- with some amazingly costumed dancers as orchids -- just gorgeous.

I also kept my eye on the flora of NYC. All the tulip plantings around midtown and south looked to have been coordinated -- mostly bright red and yellow tulip combos. In Battery Park there was at least more naturalized and, to my eye, more tasteful bulb displays - along with flowering trees (about 1-2 weeks behind those in our area).

We attempted to go to visit Macy's flower show. Wasn't sure what that actually entailed - flower exhibits? competitions? But on Easter Sunday, Macy's was closed! All the surrounding stores were open - but can't really fault them for doing so, just wish they had put "not open on Easter" in their event ads and promotions!

Finally, we stumbled on another garden-related event - the Easter Parade on 5th Avenue! Not really a formal parade or event as such, but the authorities shut down about 6 blocks of the avenue around St. Patrick's Cathedral and folks come out in their Sunday best or in period costumes or dressed as flower arrangements, rabbits, bee hives, etc. Most of the crowd were like us, tourists who just stumbled on it, or locals just there to take photos and gawk. I did get lots of ideas for fun hats to make and wear at future garden parties. Will come in handy for the upcoming Baltimore FlowerMart ( hat competition.

Well, you can take the gardener out of the garden, but you can't take the garden out of the gardener...


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