Small World

I was recently contacted by Bob Stewart. Turns out he is related to our staff photographer, Drena J. Galarza.

Bob says: "My wife Nicole and I started agardening based web page three years ago in conjunction with a gardening radio call-in show we were doing on WMAL Radio. We used the web site to go into more detail concerning questions we were asked on the air. The radio show ended in December 2004 and for the past year the web site lay dormant. I've decided to revive it as a personal garden web site. I was born in Washington, D.C. and have been gardening since I was 12 years old, that's 46 years ago. :-) I liked gardening so much I made it my career until I retired two years ago. Now I would just like to share my interest with others through the web site. The url is"

Bob's site is very nice - I especially like the Plant Clinic section which looks like a lot of the commonly asked questions I imagine many Master Gardeners run into. This is a great site to add to our arsenal of DC area gardening resources.

We're always seeking more local gardener web sites, so if you have one - please send it my way. When I get a chance I'll update my links list here as well.


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