Murphy's Law

Just a short note as I haven't posted in a bit...

Been hardly near a computer for the past few days, attending two day-long conferences on gardening and trying to digest that info. Also went to visit the Capital Home & Garden Show and talk to the show management about doing something together next year.

Then actually trying to 'have a life' by attending a few plays and other local events such as a political fundraiser.

But most absorbing of my time has been the current issue of the magazine now at the printer... Yesterday, instead of the call I was expecting saying blueline was on the way, I get a call saying "where is the slide?" These are the LAST words I want to hear! Back story: I had one slide with this print job. Everything else was saved and an electronic format on one disk. I pestered the source to get the image an any other format aside from a slide, but no go - only has it as slide. I cannot scan or convert slides. So I alerted the printer - a slide will be coming with this job and needs scanning. The first piece I placed in with job was the slide -affixed to a sheet of paper with a big note. That was end of last week.
The call yesterday was every publishers nightmare. A. They lost the sources slide & how can I explain that to them? That is complete breach of trust. B. Now there is a big hole in the layout and have to fill it at last second. C. WHY??? did this happen, when all details had been followed-thru, and what is their excuse? they offer none and try to blame me. Not cool.
In any case, will be dealt with this morning & glad to have the space to vent. May it not happen to you.


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